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I am a proud Muslimah

I wear hijab and hijab is my pride

I am wearing hijab because it is an Islamic injunction (Quran 24:31/33:55/33:59) and it helps me to make clear Public Political Statement to the Kafir.

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A statement that declares as a Muslim woman I accept:

  I am worth half the value of a Muslim man>Quran2:282/4:11/ Bukhari1,6,301
I have no rights other than what my male protectors give me> Quran 4:34/Al-Tabari: Vol. 9/Al-Tirmidhi: Hadith104
 I am so unclean that touching me requires a Muslim to undergo ritual cleansing before praying> Quran 5:6
 I am equal to a DOG,DONKEY,PIG, JEW,MAGIAN , EVIL, HORSE , CAMEL ,SLAVE ..>Muslim 1,4,1039 /Muslim 5,26, 5528/Abu Dawood 2,12,2155/Abu Dawood 1, 2, 704/Muslim1, 4,1039/Musnad Ibn Hanbal, vol. 2, p. 2992/Tafsir al-Qurtubi vol. 17, p. 172/Bukhari1,9,490&493/Bukhari1,9,498 / Sunaan Nasai,1.753/Abu Dawood1,2,703/Sunaan ibn Majah, 2.952/Tafsir al-Qurtubi ( vol. 17, p. 172)/ Bukhari7,62,30>33
 I am mentally deficient and stupid>Bukhari1,6,01/ Muslim1,1,142 /Tabari I:280/Bukhari3,48,826/Bukhari2, 24,541/Bukhari1,6,301
 My very presence annuls the prayers of a fellow Muslim> Bukhari1,9,490
 I can not testify on my own behalf >Quran 24:6/ tafsir Ibn Kathir:
I am the prime cause for rape>Bukhari1,6,301
I am property and field for men, they may enter their fields from any place they want >Quran 2:223
Allah gave my husband right to beat me>Quran4:34
Allah made me resident of Hell>Bukhari7,62,124/126/Bukhari 1,6,301/Bukhari4,54,464/Bukhari2,24,541/Bukhari2,18,161/Muslim 1,142/Muslim4,1926/Bukhari1,2,28.

I am a Muslimah and I am proud