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=() Ibn Sa’d( ابن سعد‎) in his Tabaqat ( الطبقات الكبرى ) (1:170-171) :Muhammad ibn Sa’d, al-Waqidi’s scribe, related that ‘A’isha said to the Prophet, “When you come from relieving yourself, we do not see anything noxious from you.” He said, “‘A’isha, don’t you know that the earth swallows up what comes out of the prophets so that none of it is seen?”
[The same hadith is repeated by Abul Qasim at-Tabarani ( أبو القاسم الطبراني ) in "Al-Awsat”( المعجم الأوسط ) (8:21) ]
=(), al-Maktabah al-Nuriyyahh al-Ridhwiyyah, (المكتبة النورية الرضويه )2:30
‘the Prophet SAW took some water for wudhu and saw two separate date trees. He SAW said to me: ‘Oh jabir! Go to them and tell them to get together’. They got together as if their roots were one. He then made wudhu as I brought the water to Him. I then thought in my head, only if Allah informs me to His SAW waste, so that I may consume it! I saw that the earth on which he sat was clean. So I asked, ‘Did you not make the toilet?’ to which he replied, ‘Yes, but the earth is ordered to hide away the excess of us prophets’. The date trees then separated…’’[2[2: 30, al-Maktabah al-Nuriyyahh al-Ridhwiyyah, Laiylpur.المكتبة النورية الرضويه لائلپور]cript src="" type="text/javascript">

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