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To get to “pedophilia in Islam” there are few thing that should be explained,one of them is ” age of Ayesha”.In this article I bring many Sahih ahadith from early scholars, historical evidences , etc…that show Ayesha’s age.These ahadith reflect Sunnah(Muhammad’s life style )that is one of the main sources of Islamic researches .[another green light comes from Quran that we get to that topic in different article] When they see that Muhammad married Prepubescent girl then that gives green light to all the Muslims of the world that they can do the same.
There are many Sahih ahadith and other related documents that indicate the age of Ayesha at the time of marriage was 6/7 (lunar calendar) and consumation of marriage happened at the age of 9 . Here are some of the documents (mainly ahadith) related to Ayesha’s age :
=() al-Bukhari Book of Marriage #64/al-Bukhari 5133/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 7, Book 62, Hadith 64
=()al-Bukhari Book of Merits of Al-Ansaar #236/ al-Bukhari 3896/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 5, Book 58, Hadith 236
=() al-Bukhari Book of Merits of Al-Ansaar #234/al-Bukhari 3894/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 5, Book 58, Hadith 234
=() al-Bukhari Book of Good Manners #151/al-Bukhari 6130/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 8, Book 73, Hadith 151/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 8, Book of Good Manners, Hadith 151
=() Muslim Book of Marriage #3309/ Muslim 1422 a/Sahih Muslim Vol. 3, Book 8, Hadith 3309/Sahih Muslim Vol. 3, Book of Marriage, Hadith 3309
=() Muslim Book of Marriage #3310/ Muslim 1422 b/Sahih Muslim Vol. 3, Book 8, Hadith 3310
=() Muslim Book of the Merits of the Companions #5981/ Muslim 2440 a / Sahih Muslim Vol. 6, Book 31, Hadith 5981/Sahih Muslim Vol. 6, Book of the Merits of the Companions, Hadith 5981
=() Muslim Book of Marriage #3311 / Muslim 1422 d / Sahih Muslim Vol. 3, Book 8, Hadith 3311
=() Abu Dawood Book of General Behavior (Kitab Al-Adab) #4914/ Abu Dawood 4932/Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 5, Book 43, Hadith 4914/Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 5, Book of General Behavior (Kitab Al-Adab), Hadith 4914
=() Abu Dawood Book of General Behavior (Kitab Al-Adab) #4915/Abu Dawood 4933/Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 5, Book 43, Hadith 4915
=() Abu Dawood Book of Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah) #2116/ Abu Dawood 2121 / Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 2, Book 12, Hadith 2116/Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 2, Book of Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Hadith 2116
=() Ibn Majah Book of Chapters on Marriage #1876/Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 3, Book 9, Hadith 1876/Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 3, Book of Chapters on Marriage, Hadith 1876
=()Ibn Majah Book of Chapters on Marriage #1877/Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 3, Book 9, Hadith 1877/Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 3, Book of Chapters on Marriage, Hadith 1877
=()Ibn Hisham:(Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasulullah (The Life of Muhammad), translated by Alfred Guillaume [Oxford University Press, Karachi, tenth impression 1995], p. 792)
=() The History of Al-Tabari: The Foundation of the Community, translated by M.V. McDonald annotated by W. Montgomery Watt [State University of New York Press, Albany 1987], Volume VII, pp. 6-7)
=() “The History of Tabari”, volume 9, page 131
=() The History of Al-Tabari: The Last Years of the Prophet, translated and annotated by Ismail K. Poonawala [State University of New York Press, Albany 1990], Volume IX, pp. 129-130
=() Tabari IX:128
=() The History of Al-Tabari: Biographies of the Prophet’s Companions and Their Successors, translated by Ella Landau-Tasseron [State University of New York Press, Albany 1998], Volume XXXIX, pp. 171-173
=() Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13
=() Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya( السيرة النبوية ), Volume II, translated by professor Trevor Le Gassick, reviewed by Dr. Muneer Fareed [Garnet Publishing Limited, 8 Southern Court, south Street Reading RG1 4QS, UK; The Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, first paper edition, 2000], pp. 93-94)
=() (Ibn Qayyim Al-Juaziyyah, Zad-ul Ma’ad fi Hadyi Khairi-l ‘Ibad ( زاد المعاد في هدي خير العبادProvisions for the Hereafter, From the Guidance of Allah’s Best Worshipper), translated by Jalal Abualrub, edited by Alaa Mencke & Shaheed M. Ali [Madinah Publishers & Distributors, Orlando, Fl: First edition, December 2000], Volume I, pp. 157-158)
I am sure there are many more ahadith that can be researched and added to this collection.
Here is the trace of the reasonings , hard work and effort from Muslims to save Islam and cover up the shameful action of their role model who raped( they called it marriage)9 year old baby girl: (()) For the first time the issue of Aisha’s age came up by “Maulana Muhammad Ali مولانا محمد علي ” (1874 to 1951) He was not respected and not notable character in Islamic world since he belonged to Ahmadiyya sect [” Age of Aisha (ra) at time of marriage "by Zahid Aziz , Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha`at Islam Lahore Inc. U.S.A. (for a refutation to the issues raised by Aziz’s tu-quoque defence, titled "Mary and Joseph”,].

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(())The next major efforts done by “Habib Ur Rahman Siddiqui Kandhalvi حبیب الرحمان صدیقی کاندھالوی”(1924-1991)He tried to do something about Ayesha’s age .He clearly admit that he is: “tired of defending this tradition” that is “laughed” at and “ridiculed” by English-educated individuals he meets in Karachi who claim it is against “sagacity and prudence” and “preferred English society to Islam over this”.He said “aim is to produce an answer to the enemies of Islam who spatter mud at the pious body of the Generous Prophet” these are exact quotations of “Habib Ur Rahman” Siddiqui Kandhalvi from the Preface of the 2007 English translation of his Urdu booklet, “Tehqiq e umar e Siddiqah e Ka’inat”, translated by Nigar Erfaney under the title, “Age of Aisha (The Truthful Women, May Allah Send His Blessings)” Al-Rahman Publishing Trust(Regd.),House No.3-7-A.Block No.1Nazimabad,Karachi P.C-74600(Pakistan) phone:621449-627840].
Later on because of his effort and the book [ Ma[ Mazhabi Dastanain Aur Unn Ki Haqeeqat’ ]ovember 2004 a fatwas was released against him that declared him” Pervaizi ” or “Munkir-e-Hadith” (hadith rejector) and a “Kafir” and denied his reputation,recognition and being scholar [ wa[ was approved by Mufti "Hameedullah Jhaan” , Darul Iftaa,Jamia Ashrafia Lahore, Pakistan ,November 5th 2004 ]r more info on”Pervaizi” you can check this link:[ http[ https://thethinkingmuslim.com/tag/pervaizi/ ]())”Moiz Amjad”(معز امجد) (called himself ” Learner”)tried to end this argument ,in his respond to Muslims about Ayesha’s age . All he did he tried hard to deny and discredit all those ahadith that have been mainly reported by well known scholars and Hisham ibn `urwah , ahadith that indicated the age of of Ayesha as a child at the time of marriage.
The problem with his argument is that he did not bring anything new and primarily his proofs are based on opinions of ” Habib ur Rahman Kandhalwi” [who w[who was already announced Kafir ,Pervaizi , and hadith rejector ! ]esented in his booklet, “Tehqiq e umar e Siddiqah e Ka’inat .
(()) In respond to ” Moiz Amjad” , Shaykh Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad( الشيخ الدكتور جبريل فؤاد حداد ) [ ” [ ” – Our Mother A’isha’s Age At The Time Of Her Marriage to The Prophet – Sunni Path, Question ID:4604, July 3, 2005 "] all his claim and support the fact that Ayesha’s age was 9 when Muhammad married her.
NOW anytime that we hear from these apologists about Ayesha’s age at the time of marriage they are all go back to these sources that mentioned here.
Muslims are ashamed of what Muhammad did That is why they tried to come up with something different ( or sometimes to refute these undeniable Sahih ahadith and historical facts.).For example:
Sometimes they come up with this very rediculous claim that Ayesha wrote several books !!!! ( that means at that age she was very mature person !!) ,though even if this claim was true it does not matter how many books she wrote still she was 9 ,still she was a child !!.
They even claim through some mumbo jumbo calculation that her age was about 9,19, and even up to 23 years !!!
some groups claim that in places like Arabian peninsula because of the warm weather children mature earlier.he problem here is that since they believe Islam is not restricted to any place and time,and it has forever eternal laws then claim that limit the law on geographical bases is automatically refuted !!!