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When we talk to Muslims they always talk about how scientifiC Islam is .Here we try to analyze and see how scientifically they approach to different issues:
To handle an issue scientifically normally first we start from collecting data and information through observation and testing from different sources,when we see we have enough cases , information and data then we check different theories to see which theory explains those data and information the best.
In Islam this process is completely reversed, Muslims start their scientific work by having their theory that already was established 1400 years ago :”Quran is direct words from Allah revealed to Muhammad ,it is the most perfect book that contains everything ,and Muhammad is the perfect man, and nothing is higher than Islam” then they try hard to find any piece scrap of data , even the rarest cases that they can find just to support their theory .By doing this they show that they don’t understand science and they try to subjugate any thought under their religious yoke.
Another approach that we see they take is the most common non scientific , and ridiculous approach and we can see it widely on daily base. When talking to Muslims They go to their theory (that has not proven yet) looking for data and information(that in this case is Quranic verses) to support that theory!!!In simple word they believe their theory that has been generated from Quran is correct because Quran said so !!That reminds me of one of the TV commercials about certain model of cars that stating they are the best cars in the market because their manufacturer said so !! That shows how they are scientifically illiterate,and still they insisting and repeating their ridiculous reasoning !!!!
Now what happens if Muslims decided to approach and handle any Islamic issue logically and scientifically ? the answer is that they can not!!!simply Quran is in against scientifically approaching issues.If Muslims decided to do that, for the sake of science first they must be objective that means they must not assume from the outset the thing that they are trying to prove,(their theory) is absolutely correct , that means you must assume, EVEN TEMPORARILY ONLY, that you don’t know at least who the author of Qur’an is, and who Muhammad is, till you observe the data and information that you have from different sources and world that surrounds us,if you can do that then conclusion will be scientific. BUT here comes surprise: YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!!! because assuming — even for a second — that you don’t know who the author of Qur’an is would be a huge sin , assuming for a second that who Muhammad is it is a big sin punishable by death!!!. So dear Muslims if you really can not do this , then please, do the world a favor and go back to your prayers, without wasting anybody’s time and without trying to discover science in your Qur’an, because in that case you show very clearly that you don’t know what the science is.

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