Definition: Islamic racial doctrine

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Definition: Islamic racial doctrine
Written By: Offer Binshtok

Islamic race, the women and all the rest – mankind, according to Islam
Islam’s racial doctrine is classifies the human race on faith-based and gender. This approach is very easy to understand, according to the racial doctrine Islamic, exist in the world two kinds of people, two races: Muslims who believe in Allah and in Mohammed the Prophet, as a messenger of Allah, “Superior race” in one side, and all others the unbelievers “the subhuman” on the other side.

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The Muslim believers are commanded to fight against those who do not believe by preaching, or sword and annihilation, until there will not survive one that does not believe worldwide, just then the war will come to an end.

1. The “Supreme race” – The Muslims who believe in Allah and the Prophet Mohammed as his messenger.
Only they are entitled to live.

1.1 Gender as Sub-race – Muslim women are an inferior race, that are entitled to live, as long as they accept the authority of                    men, and serve the wishes of Muslim men, only for this they were intended.
Muslim woman is man’s property, as far as of other property, and at most, she is worth to a quarter from a Muslim man,                   who has permission to marry four women, and he has permission to possess a large number of sex slaves.

2. The inferior race “the subhuman” – all non-believers in Allah and the Prophet Mohammed as his messenger.

2.1       Inferior racial group, divided into two:
2.1.1    People of the Book: those who believe in one God – Christians and Jews – They can choose between a convert to Islam,                    pay Jizya (Ransom) or execution.
2.1.2   Pagans and all other unbelievers – They must die.

This is the way in which the Islamic racism sees the world. 

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Equality for the purpose of defining the law: full equality between women and men without exception. Full equality in duties and rights without exception. Full equality among all sections of society regardless of religion, race or sex.
Equality, not in the sense of the socialist/communist ideology.

No one has the right to harm these sacred values, not for ideological reasons, not for religious reasons, and not from any other motive of any kind. Our sacred values prevail over all other values, the ones which will harm them in any way, are breaking the law.
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Anyone who will act against this law will be treated as traitor.

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