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The issue of kissing/worship, Muslims the black stone , little do they know. According to scholars, the black stone is actually an emblem of an idol worshiped by the pagans.
sources :
=() “…Black Stone was an emblem of Saturn and was left in the Kaaba by Mahabad.” – Islam, a challenge to faith: studies on the Mohammedan religion and the …‎ by Samuel Marinus Zwemer- p.112
=() “The Guebers assert that, among the images and relics left by Mahabad and his successors in the Ka’abah, was the Black Stone, an emblem of Saturn.” – Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to Al-Madinah a Meccah, Vol. 2, by Richard Francis Burton Sir, p. 307
=() “The stone was worshipped centuries before MOHAMMED. In Persian legend it was an emblem of SATURN.” – Robert Motherwell & black, Issue 10 by ‎ Stephanie Terenzio, p. 63
=()“Indeed, even to this hour, the black stone of the Kabah is considered the emblem of Saturn, to whom that Kabah was especially dedicated” – The palaces of Nineveh and Persepolis restored: an essay on ancient Assyrian …‎ by James Fergusson, p.208 Since when Black Stone is on the Ka’ba, according to these sources: =() “And in Islam, whose holy house, the Kaaba, had traditionally been a temple of Saturn” – The Diwan of Abu’l-Ala by Henry Baerlein, p.16 =() “The temple or tabernacle at Mecca was dedicated to Saturn or Zonal” – A dictionary of geography, ancient and modern by ‎ Josiah Conder, p. 410 =() “Some experts suppose it to have been a pagan idol long before Muhammad lived, when the Kaaba was a temple to Saturn.” – Reverie, an autobiography‎ by Adelaide Ross, p. 178
According to these sources, the Black Stone which Muslims kiss during their pilgrimage in Mecca actually is the stone of the idol Saturn and the Ka’ba itself is a temple of Saturn.
How could Muhammad miss this? He could have destroyed the Saturnians’ Black Stone and the Kaa’ba (temple of Saturn) like what all the prophets did in the Old Testament. He could have also destroyed the symbol of the moon goddess and not embed the number 5 and the crescent moon symbol in his religion. But, we see a preservation of this ancient practice dedicated to the pagan idol. How come?Did he really destroy these idols?
Who is “Saturn” by the way? Just like the moon god, Saturn has also many names across cultures. According to these references, Saturn is known as:
1) Baal
2) Molock
3) Chium
4) Remphan
5) Cheran
6) Rimmon
7) Mithras
=() “The name Molock is another name for Baal-Nimrod-Tammuz. Tam means ‘to perfect’ and ‘mus’ ‘to burn’. The name Molock is identified with the Roman god Saturn. It is an Ammonite name, which signifies king.
=() Chium means austere, severe, grave, and judgment. In the Encyclopedia Biblical Chium is of frequent occurrence in Babylonian mythological and religious texts as the name of the planet Saturn.
=() Rimmon was the Syrian name (2nd Kings 5:18) for Molock, which was also known as ‘Remphan’ just as Chiun was also Cheran. Remphan was the Egyptian name for Saturn.” – Behold a White Horse By Cisco Wheeler, pp. 172-173 The orthodox Godwyn considers Molok, Baal, and Saturn as one, or phases of the one Solar Fire-god, who was the special favorite of the Amonites and Moabites, but who was also worshipped and duly sacrificed to, in the valley of Ben-hinnom.” Rivers of Life: Or Sources and Streams of the Faith of Man in All Lands by J.G.R. Forlong, p. 529 .“In other words, Mithras is Saturn and Oceanus as well and thus the creator of both fertility and water.” – Mithras, the Secret God, M.J. Vermaseren, London, 1963 .
Lets make it simple, the BLACK STONE of SATURN is actually BLACK STONE of BAAL and the KA’BA is the TEMPLE of BAAL!!!

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