DUTERTE (YouTube) watch him: A speech on Islamic terrorism and the Quran. He announces: “NO PRISON FOR ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, ONLY DEATH”

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Pres. Duterte Speech sa 119th Founding Anniversary ng Philippine Navy sa Davao City

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Dumalo si Pres. Duterte sa 119th founding anniversary ng Philippine Navy sa Davao City. Ico-commission sa pagtitipon ang BRP Davao del Sur (LD-602) at ide-demonstrate ang kakayahan ng tatlong Multi-Purpose Attack Crafts. | via RTVM
Pres. Duterte about lady cop Christina Nobleza: She was not only in cahoots, but is an active player in the terrorism business
Pres. Duterte on killing while invoking the name of God: That is a very terrible ideology. It does not know anything but to waste life.
Pres. Duterte on declaring martial law: They gave me sufficient information and I asked them, “Are we already in a critical moment?” There was a unison na delikado tayo sa Mindanao.
Pres. Duterte: I will not talk to anybody. I will not talk to the terrorists.
Source: Dan NewsTV