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“Belief in any theology requires faith”what is the quality of the belief when it is based on a blind faith with no rational&logical proofs? what should be the base of that faith?
Is not that true that human is seperated from animal because of the power of thinking, intelligence and reasoning?Then why anybody accept a faith withouth reason, or just because someone said it ,or some antique book said it?
Probably that is one of the reason for people who are leaving religions, of course it is nothing new , for example in Islam’s case we can see hundred years of “Apostasy wars” and countless dead people for the ideology that requiers just faith.The wars of the people who were forced to accept a faith without any reason,Just because somebody said he is powered from some mythical source.
When religious beliefs are irrational and contradict any logical concept &failed ,religious people get to work and try  hard to establish blind faith theory that never worked.To change human into herd to follow some beliefs and ideologies that centuries later were proved to be wrong and they are nothing but some mythical fabrications proved to be failure. Even in twenty century still there are people who want to shove “faith”theory down the people’s throat just because it is a “faith” and does not require logical proof!!
If there is no need for reasoning then why some of those antique books are trying to bring proofs for their fabricated stories ,mythical beings,unseen creatures ,their imaginary divine world , etc..

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