In 610 AD: 100% non-Muslims lived in the Middle East.  Today, after 1,400 years of racist ethnic cleansing by Islam: At most 5% non-Muslims living in the Middle East. Islam has begun the same process in Europe.
Volunteers are needed from all around the world to  To report about the Islamic threat and Islamic terrorism in real time 24/7/365 Each of you can write posts on the subject – there is no censorship. For details: contact me personally here or at Messenger.



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    We are fighting for our sacred values: Freedom, Democracy and Equality.

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    We are for ”One more law” – Civil movement.

    Our goal:

    We demand to enact one more law in every Western country.
    A law which says the following:

    The Democracy, the freedom and equality are our sacred values, of our society, and it is forbidden to any person and / or entity of any kind, to harm or attempt to harm them in any way.

    Equality for the purpose of defining the law: full equality between women and men without exception. Full equality in duties and rights without exception. Full equality among all sections of society regardless of religion, race or sex.

    No one has the right to harm these sacred values, not for ideological reasons, not for religious reasons, and not from any other motive of any kind. Our sacred values prevail over all other values, the ones which will harm them in any way, are breaking the law.
    Forbidden to any person or entity to act against our sacred values in any way, shape or form, All who violate this law will be considered as a criminal.

    Anyone who will act against this law will be treated as traitor.

    His citizenship will […]

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    Online College free: Sharia laws and […]

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    The purpose of this group is to coordinate assistance at the global level, for women who live under a regime of apartheid culture of Sharia laws; the help will include all necessary components, in which assistance can be given to women who want to escape from countries in which exists the apartheid culture of Sharia law.
    In addition, this group will engage in providing assistance to Muslim women in the West and that are under the authority of the community in […]

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