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Muslims always talk about amazing scientific aspects of Islam and astonishing statements that prove many scientific discoveries 1400 years after Muhammad. Now lets examine the last moments of Muhammad’s life ,the person who was behind all these amazing ,jaw dropping scientific predictions !!!
Muhammad attacked Khaibar. He destroyed, tortured, murdered, plundered, and enslaved many people (Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir,” كتاب الطبقات الكبير ” volume 2, page 134, 136, 137). They were not preparing to attack him. A Jewish woman, whose family had been wiped out by Muhammad, put poison into a lamb and fed it to Muhammad and the other Muslims. Muhammad ingested some of the poisoned lamb and began to feel it’s effects. He died three years later as a result of the poisoning.Those Jews were convinced that a real prophet would know that they try to poison him but in this case Muhammad didn’t know. Only after Muhammad ate from the lamb did the cooked lamb “talked to him” that it was poisoned,but still he ate that poisoned lamb!!!.
As his illness got worst, Muhammad began to pray for healing ,Gabriel and Aisha also joined him and got into the action ( Ibn Sa’d page 265 Gabriel, chanted on him(())Sahih Muslim volume 3, # 5440,5441 () Ibn Sa’d page 322 ) ,they did fight the “Evil eyes”( Ibn Sa’d page 265 [Different narrator] ),Muhammad ordered to “Pour seven skins of water from different wells over him”( Ibn Hisham page 679 ), he was sure that his fever and pain is not from (pleurisy)[ Pleurisy is an infection of a lung membrane ]because ” it indicates the possession of Satan”( Ibn Sa’d page 294),he rubbed his “healing” hand upon himself (Ibn Sa’d page 263 reciting “al-Mu’awwadhatayn” [Sura 113, and 114] while rubbing his face..) Muhammad even got himself “cupped” (the best of all science and medicines!that supposed to heal (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 585),but all these hard work did not help the situation ,finally Muhammad realized that he was dying,then everybody stopped praying and Muhammad claimed that Allah had given him a choice to going to Paradise, or living on earth and he had decided to go to Paradise!!. He knew that game was up, and he made the best out of a failed situation.His scientefic statements that once he fooled people for years apparantly did not work on him!and did not nutralize the poison!( though he even had the recepie how to deal with the situation ( Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 7, Book 71, Hadith 663 ) .Finally in the last moments of his miserable life he did his last effort towards the world peace ,and unity of mankind and he asked “Allah’s damnation ” upon the Jews and the Christians who made the graves of their prophets objects of worship( Ibn Sa’d page 322 )he died in great pain and misery.As you see every aspect of Muhammad life was a brilliant reflection of science ,and that the legacy that he left for his followers!!
In future articles I bring the whole story in details.

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