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There are many reason for this , but the most interesting one is that some Muslims claim:”.. Muhammad slowly got rid of slavery because first he wanted to get rid of the prejudice of people’s minds against slaves. …” but the question here is that how Muhammad got rid of prejudice ? did he ever did ?[looks like so far situation got worst ] and why SLOWLY get rid of slavery?
Muhammad talked against polytheists’ the most important thing : “THEIR GODS”, and they tolerated it. His followers could easily tolerate abolishing slavery.
The same people had already accepted to hate and kill non-Muslims even if they were their own family members, It wouldn`t be difficult for them to accept abolishing slavery.
Besides , how come Muhammad’s teaching has not succeeded 1400 years later ? Muslims still think that slavery is perfectly all right and they are still practicing it and defending it?
how come the law of abrogation of “adoption” went in effect immediately when Muhammad liked “Zinab” his adopted son’e wife and decided to go to bed with her? why did Muhammad abolish the noble action of adoption with immediate effect and couldn’t do it with slavery ?What does it take to abolish such an evil practice? he could not abrogate slavery law immediately?

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