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One of the mysteries of Islam is that Muhammad called himself”seal of prophets” [ Qur’an 33:40 ] that means that there will not be another prophet after him.But there is a remarkable “Sahih” hadith that revealed since Muhammad had a fatty tumor on his neck between his shoulders , many Arabs believed that the “seal of prophethood” was that physical lump that he had (that of course that had nothing to do with prophethood!!).
here is the Sahih hadith:
=() al-Bukhari Book of Ablution (Wudu) #189/al-Bukhari 190/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 1, Book 4, Hadith 189/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 1, Book of Ablution (Wudu), Hadith 189
Narrated As-Sa’ib bin Yazid:
My aunt took me to the Prophet and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! This son of my sister has got a disease in his legs.” So he passed his hands on my head and prayed for Allah’s blessings for me; then he performed ablution and I drank from the remaining water. I stood behind him and saw the seal of Prophethood between his shoulders, and it was like the “Zir-al-Hijla” (means the button of a small tent, but some said ‘egg of a partridge.’ etc.)
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The same story has been narrated with slight differences in this hadith: al-Bukhari Book of Merits of Sunnah #741/al-Bukhari 3541/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 56, Hadith 741/Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 4, Book of Merits of Sunnah, Hadith 741

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