Robert Spencer Brilliantly Explains Moderate Islam (5 stars)

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“The 1400 Year War”

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by Offer Binshtok

“The 1400 Year War” is the first real World War – It’s Islam’s brutal plan to takeover, dominate & Islamicize the whole planet using any means necessary from conversion to genocide.

Initiated about 610 A.D., and continuing to this day, Islam has been conducting a global cultural war unabated.

This war was declared by Islam’s founder Mohammed as a “Jihad” against all non-Muslims. Muslims consider this to be a “holy war against the infidels”, as mandated by Islamic ideology and described in the Quran, Hadith and Sira.

According to this doctrine, the war won’t end until Islam dominates the world via worldwide implementation of Shariah Law – a complete political societal replacement system.

Most wars going on in the world today are smaller battles in this grand jihad against Christians, Jews & all other non-Muslims – happening in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, India, the United States, etc.

India experienced the worst massacre of Hindus in world history – about 80 million murdered by Islam over a period of 500 years!

The Crusades were simply Christianity’s attempt to defend itself to some extent against this onslaught.

ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaida are all part of the same Jihad against all those who don’t submit to Islam.

Until worldwide domination is achieved, Muslims are commanded to fight against nonbelievers using all available means – deception, terrorism, armed combat, political, cultural & psychological warfare.

The Islamic wars against Israel are actually smaller battles, historically speaking. All who don’t support Israel along with those who support its Islamic enemies (either militarily, politically or via moral support) are essentially all soldiers in the Islamic army.”